Upload Document

The below API is used to upload document.

Request: POST

Signature: api/mobile/UploadDocV3?Token={Login_Token}&WONum={Workorder_Number}&DocTitle={Document_Title}&FileName={File_Name}&ApplyToAll={Boolean_Value}&IsPublic={Boolean_Value}

Sample: api/mobile/UploadDocV3?Token=VomYEMiECFFyAQ3==&WONum=18457&DocTitle=Surat Jalan Form (Import)&FileName=Form_AAJ-2723.pdf&ApplyToAll=false&IsPublic=true

The POST call must have Multi-part Mime Content and the files must be attached as a separate part of the POST request.


Things to know about this API:

    1. Token - You can use Login API to get token displayed under Info
  1. ApplyToAll determine whether the document is applicable to single work order or complete shipment.
  2. IsPublic determine whether the document is available to External and Internal user or only Internal users.If the value is False then it's only visible to Internal User otherwise visible to both