Finance Job

Click on any shipment to view its basic financial information. A separate window pops up that displays the financial details of the shipment.

A sample is given below:

The shipment number is displayed on the top of the pop-up window; in this case, it is 001/H/2020. Below are the sections in the shipment finance window:

a) Shipment Information

This displays the basic information about the shipment some of which are getting pulled from the operation page.

b) Finance Job Status

Select the desired action from the drop-down and click on the Go button.

c) Account Summary

This section calculates the Gross Margin for both Estimates and Actuals by subtracting the total expense from the total income. Disbursements accounts are not included in the calculation.

d) Customer Credit Rating

This section gives information about the Customer Credit Type, Credit History, Credit Days, Credit Limit, and Remarks.

e) Tabs

The following tabs are available below the Header:

1. Estimates - This section gives a summary of all the income earned, expenses, and pass-thru transactions for the shipment. And Icons show that the tab is unlocked for editing.

2. Actuals - This section gives the summary of actual income and expenditure incurred by this work order. By default actuals, the tab will not be visible. Once estimates are approved, actuals will be unlocked.

3. Invoices - This section displays the list of invoices generated for the shipment.

4. Purchase Order - This section displays the purchase order for the shipment.

5. Documents - This section displays the list of documents attached to the shipment.

5. Audit Log - Gives information about all changes made to this shipment finance page by users, along with the local time and date and the name of the user who made the changes.

For more information on these sections, see Estimates, Actuals, Documents, and Invoices.