Request: GET

Signature: /api/v1/getseqdata?woid=1234,1235,1236&code=ABC,DEF,GHI

Token must be passed as a Header in the request.

Query parameters:

woid: one or more work order IDs can be passed as a comma separated string. At least one is required.

code: zero or more event/data codes can be passed. If code is not passed, woid must have only one ID. In that case all Events/Data for that WO are returned. e.g: getseqdata?woid=1234&code=

The product of the number of WOIDs and Codes supplied cannot exceed 1000.



    "Code": 1,

    "Info": "",

    "RowsAffected": 2,      // Indicates the number of data fields returned in RetInfo

    "Scalar": null,

    "Identity": 0,

    "RetInfo": [


            "WOID": 1298,

            "Code": "ABCD",

            "Type": "Event",

            "FullName": "Documents Received",

            "Value": "2016-06-16 15:00",

            "Remarks": "",

            "UpdatedBy": "ADMIN",

            "UpdatedOn": "2020-06-17T03:56:55.267"



            "WOID": 1298,

            "Code": "REF",

            "Type": "Text",

            "FullName": "Reference Number",

            "Value": "MS",

            "Remarks": "",

            "UpdatedBy": "ADMIN",

            "UpdatedOn": "2020-06-17T03:58:38.25"