Delay Tracking Costs

This section allows the users to set the Free days and Delay Slabs/Rates for specific carriers and container sizes. These are applied to containers that are added to the Delay Tracking section. Once a container is active in the Container Tracking section, the free days, slab rates can also be changed individually for the container.

The delay tracking costs for a workflow are displayed as follows:

The Delay Tracking Costs tab displays the following:

  • Tracking Type The type of tracking which we want to calculate.

  • Carrier The name of the Carrier for which the Free Days are applicable.

  • Job Type The type of shipment for which the delay definition is applicable .

  • Size The size of the container for which the Free Days are applicable.

  • Free Days The number of free days applicable for the carrier and container size.

  • Slab Days The slabs of the number of days after the free days have elapsed for which the container has a particular Delay Rate.

  • Slab Rates The Delay Rate applicable to the corresponding slab days.

  • Final Rate The Delay Rate that will be charged after the defined slab days are over.

Creating New Delay Definition

Click on the 'Create New' button to give a new delay definition for a selected workflow. The following window pops-up:

    1. Select the type of Tracking from the drop-down list which is defined in Admin -> Master Tables -> Delay Tracking Type.

    2. Select the type of Carrier from the drop-down list.

    3. Specify the Container Size, it can be either 20 or 40 feet.

    4. Select the Job Type from the drop-down list.

    5. Provide a value for workflow free days in Free Days.

    6. Under Demurrage Rates, provide comma-separated values for Slab Days (example 7,7,14) and Slab Rates (example 10,15,20) and provide Final Rate as applicable, in the Thereafter field.

    7. Under Additional Actions, select Apply to Active Containers in Tracking List if the 'Free Days', 'Slab Days', 'Slab Rates', and 'Thereafter' fields are to be applied to all active containers in the container tracking list. This will overwrite any old or existing rates set on the individual containers in the Tracking List.

    8. Click on the 'Create' button.

Editing Delay Definition

Click on the icon to edit a particular workflow free days definition.

Make the desired changes to the free days data and click on the 'Save' button.

Deleting Delay Definition

Click on the icon to delete a particular row. A confirmation dialog box pops up.

Click on the 'Delete' button to confirm the deletion.

Copying Delays

Instead of creating Delay Costs afresh for a new workflow, they can be copied from the existing workflow for which they have already been defined. Of course, changes can be made in their values as required.