Create Entity

The below API is used to create Entity.

Request: POST

Signature: /api/mobile/CreateEntity?Token={Login_Token}


     "Disable": BOOLEAN_VALUE,
     "EnableAPIAccess": BOOLEAN_VALUE


    "Code": 1,
    "Info": "Entity created successfully",
    "RowsAffected": 1,
    "Scalar": null,
    "Identity": 0,
    "RetInfo": null

Sample : /api/mobile/CreateEntity?Token=VomYEMiECFFyAQ3==

CASE 1: When the user is trying to create a Customer / Transporter / Clearing Agent / Bond Agent / Authority / Other Vendor.


    "Name":"Logistic Pvt. Ltd.",
    "Address":"30-107,Mineyamacho Hisatsugi,Kyotango-shi,Kyoto",

Note: Code, Name, Type and Country are mandatory fields.

CASE 2: When the user is trying to create a Bank.


    "Name":"Union Bank",
    "ContactPerson":"Ogata  Shigemori",
    "Remarks":"Established in 1990",
Note: Code, Name, Type, Country, Account Number and Currency are mandatory fields.

CASE 3: When the user is trying to create a Carrier.


    "Name":"Air Asia",
    "Disable": False,
    "EnableAPIAccess": True
Note: Code, Name and Type are mandatory fields.

Things to know about this API:

    1. Token - You can use Login API to get token displayed under Info
    2. EntityType - You can use Get Entity Types API to get the list of entity types under Value
    3. Multiple emails are be entered separated by comma(,) or semi-colon(;)