16. Browser Support

TrakIT supports the latest versions of all major browsers. It is actively tested against the following browsers during development and testing:

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Internet Explorer*

Apple Safari

To ensure smooth and successful running of TrakIT, please ensure you have the latest version of the browser installed.

* Internet Explorer Issues

Older IE is well known for UI and HTML rendering issues. In order to avoid spending countless hours to ensure TrakIT work properly in older versions of IE, we have dropped support for older versions of IE:

IE 7 or below:

TrakIT will not allow the user to logon

IE 8:

TrakIT will display a permanent notice informing the user to upgrade. Some menus or windows may draw incorrectly on the browser.

If you are using IE 9 or above, and are still unable to logon due to a "incompatible browse", please ensure that compatibility mode is turned off in IE 9. In IE 9, by default, compatibility mode may be selected for intranet applications. To turn this off, click Tools > Compatibility View Settings. Un-check 'Display intranet sites in Compatibility View'

For any assistance, issues or questions regarding your browser, please contact TrakIT Support.