Work Order Location

This section allows tracking for any TrakIT user who is using the TrakIT Mobile app which can be done with the below steps:

  1. Specify the Tracking Start and End events in the workflow setup. To see more, go to Location Tracking on TrakIT

  2. Create a user profile for your truck drivers and enable location tracking on their profile

  3. Have each driver download the TrakIT Mobile app on his Android phone and log in once only.

  4. Link the relevant work orders to the drivers.

The first 3 steps are to be completed once only. However, each work order needs to be linked to the correct driver so that the location for the work order can be tracked.

Once linked to a driver, location tracking for a work order will happen only between the events that are specified in the workflow setup (e.g. From Gate-Out Port to Delivered to Customer). The latest location reported by the driver between these two events will be displayed on a map as shown below:

Once the settings are completed, select the user name from the drop-down in Select Tracking User as shown below:

This page will display the Location Tracking Start Event, Location Tracking End Event and Last Reported Location.

Tracking will only happen from the Start Event until the End Event is populated.