Workflow Groups

Workflow Groups basically help you organize workflows into logical groups. Every workflow created in TrakIT belongs to a group (by default, there a group called 'General').

Adding new Group

Click on 'Create' button, page will appear as below:

  1. Group Code: Enter the group code up to a maximum of 10 characters.

  2. Group Name: Enter the group name up to a maximum of 30 characters.

  3. Group Description: Enter the description of this group.

  4. Enable Finance: Toggle 'Enable Finance' to Yes to enable the finance module for this group.

  5. Only Work Orders: Toggle 'Only Work Orders' to Yes if the Workflows page should display only work order view.

Editing Group

Click on group that needs to be edited,

Make desire changes and click on Save button.

Click on the icon for deleting any group.