Get Depot WO

The below API is used to get Depot Work Order.

Request: GET

Signature: /api/mobile/GetDepotWO?Token={Login_Token}&DepotCode={Depot_Code}&SkipCount={Skip_count}

Sample: /api/mobile/GetDepotWO?Token=VomYEMiECFFyAQ3==&DepotCode=NBO00&SkipCount=0



"Code": 1,

"Info": "",

"RowsAffected": 1,

"Scalar": null,

"Identity": 0,

"RetInfo": [


"WONum": 61451,

"WOStatus": 3,

"Data": "61451<br/>\n<small>To Be Advised</small>"




Things to know about this API:

    • Token - You can use Login API to get token displayed under Info
    • DepotCode- You can use Get Depot List API to get DepotCode
    • SkipCount (It is an integer which decides the number of rows returned. For example: If you send 0, then it will display 0 to 20 rows. If you send 13, then it will display 13 to 33 rows.)
  • Definition of each attribute for RetInfo: