Credit Note

The Credit Note is created when users have billed extra amounts to customers and have to balance it out by adding the amount in the account is negative.

A sample is given below:

Credit Notes amount is always in a red and negative value.

All the accounts which have a icon mean that the account is not yet invoiced.

Once the accounts are invoiced and are in the draft status icon is displayed.

After the invoices are approved icon is displayed.

Creating Credit Note

Go to the Invoices tab and click on the 'Create New' button on the right side of the page to create an invoice for the customer. The following dialog box pops up:

    1. Select Credit Note from the drop-down menu in Type.
    2. Invoice To will automatically pick the customer name form the shipment. You cannot modify the Invoice To option manually.
    3. Select the Currency from the drop-down menu in which you want to generate the invoice.
    4. Click on the 'Create' button.

Once the credit note is created it will be listed in the Invoices tab and by default the Credit Note status will be in the draft.

The screen will be displayed:

Viewing Credit Note

Click on the generated credit note. The following dialog box pops up:

    1. The date will display the invoice generated date.
    2. The currency will show you the currency which is used in the invoice. You can click on the Change option to change the currency.
    3. The entity displays the Customer's name.
    4. The office displays the responsible office for the shipment.
    5. Created By displays the name of the user who has generated the invoice.
    6. Shipment Ref. displays the shipment number.
    7. Status displays the current status of the invoice. It can be draft or Approved.
    8. Approved By displays the name of the user who has approved the invoice.
    9. Select Action gives you the option to either Finalize the invoice or to create a Pro-Forma. Users can generate multiple Pro-Forma before it is FInalized.
    10. Click on the Delete button if you want to delete the invoice. You cannot delete the invoice once it is finalized.
    11. Click on the 'Add Pending' button if you want to add new accounts on the same invoice. You cannot 'Add Pending' account once the invoice is finalized.

Finalizing Credit Note

Users can email multiple documents. Select the documents to be emailed and click on the 'Email Docs' button to email this document to users and/or entities.

Click on the 'Approve' button on the credit note. The following dialog box pops up:

Deleting Credit Note

Open the credit note. Click on the 'Delete' button to delete the credit note from the shipment.