Form Definitions

Form Definitions in TrakIT are used to create HTML based forms and templates for generating a variety of documents for work orders, shipment, reports, invoices, and many other uses. This also displays the list of all the forms in TrakIT along with their description. This table also shows whether these forms are global (attached to all workflows) or attached to only selected workflows.

To view forms, select the appropriate filters are click on the search button. 

The form is divided as per the group they belong to:

Clicking on the form displays a preview/details of the form:

Form Preview

The Form preview displays an approximate layout of the form along with codes of fields that will be substituted with real data. 


The 'Workflows' tab displays a list of the workflow that the form is available in (applicable only for Work Order and Shipment forms). Global forms are automatically available in all workflows.

Role Access

The 'Role Access' tab under form details displays the form access that can be generated by which user to the work order.


Under Header/Footer you can define top and bottom margin of each page. Custom header/footer can be added as per requirement. 

By clicking on the 'Preview' button displays the Form header/footer in a side-by-side format so you can preview on the bottom as you type in the HTML. 

Page is displayed as below:

Clicking the 'Open Editor' button displays the Form Editor in a side-by-side format so you can preview the form on the right as you type in the HTML editor on the left.

This icon shows the codes of fields to map on form to auto populate values while generating form.

This option is to print for seeing the preview of form Generation.

Form Details

Click on the icon to duplicate the copy of form.

Click on the icon to modify form details. The window displays as below,

Make desired changes and click on 'Save' button. 'Form Type' cannot be changed once created.

Form can be deleted by clicking on this icon.