This page allows you to download all TrakIT operations related documents in one go. To view page, go to Workflows -> Documents. The following window will appear.

Set the desired filters and select workflow then click on Search button. The result is displayed as below:

T/D: Displays the transport document number the documents get uploaded for.

Work Order: Displays work order ID only if document are uploaded at work order/container level.

Container Number: Displays container number only if document are uploaded at container/work order level.

Title: Displays the title of the document.

File Name: Displays the name of document file.

Size (KB): Displays the size of document.

Customer Access: 'Yes' indicates that document is accessible by customer.

Uploaded By: Displays name of the user and date.

Click on button to download one or more files together into a single location. 

Select appropriate files and click on Download Zip button. The following window pops up

Select the desired file name prefix and click on 'Download' button.

Click on button to email one or more appropriate documents.

Set recipients and clik on 'Send' button.  If selected, documents will be emailed as links instead of attachments in the email. This option is required when total size of documents exceeds 10 MB. Also the links are valid for 7 days only.