Query Details

This page displays the detail of the Query reports.

Once the report is created, the detail of the report are displayed as below,

Report Owner: Displays name of the user who owes responsibility of the report.

Frequency: Displays the Frequency for a weekly or monthly report of the emails.

Days:  Displays the weekdays on which this report is scheduled to be sent.

Time: Displays the UTC hours at which the report is sent out.

Having access to below buttons is permission based. Only those users can take action if they are accessible to do so.

Click on the 'Send Now' button to send report manually.

Click on the 'Preview' button to pull report manually.

Click on the 'Recipients' button to set recipients of the report.

Click on the 'User Access' button to set access to the users which allows them to generate/download report manually. User who are having report access will only be accessible to pull report manually and set parameters.


This allows users to input pre-defined parameters added to the report. such as to get data of a specific period (From to To) and so on. To pull data, input the desired parameter and click on the 'Update' button. 

Request Access

It is also possible to send an access request to the report owner to grant access to the report. Reports which are not accessible by users are displayed in grey. An example is shown below:

Only those report can be viewed by users if they are owner of it OR have access to pull report manually.

To request access to others, click on the respective report. The following window is displayed:

Click on the 'Request Access' button to send request to report owner to grant access.

Delete Report

Click on the icon to delete report.