Report Summary

Subscription Summary page shows the summary of subscription that is added to the respective reports. Go to Reports > Summary subscription. The window is displayed as shown below:

Summary can be filtered on the basis of filters shown above. Set the desired filtered and click on the 'Search'button. The page will appear as shown below:

Columns are shown respectively:

  • Country: Shows the country assigned to report.
  • Report Type: Shows the type of the report.
  • Report Name: Shows the name of the report.
  • Entity/Title: Shows the entity and title of the subscription.
  • Delivery: Shows the delivery mode of the report.
  • Fields: Shows the number of fields added to the report.
  • Recipient: Shows the number of recipients added to get this report.
  • Active: Shows the report is active or not. Grey one is those subscriptions that are currently not active.
  • Last Sent: Shows the last sent of report.
  • Created by: Shows the name of user who added this report.

Click on the 'cross' icon to remove any active subscription.