Bulk Updates

The Bulk Updates page enables you to update large amounts of Events/Data and other fields in work orders using an Excel sheet upload. This page displays the following:

    1. Required data columns can be selected by clicking on the 'Export' button on the Shipment page.

    2. Open the exported work order information in MS-Excel and make the desired changes to data and fields.

    3. Change the background color of all edited cells to yellow.

    4. The first row of the Excel file must be the header row and the first column of the file must be the work order id.

    5. Click on the 'Choose File' button to upload the MS-Excel file on this page.

    6. Select from the options- Ignoring Event Sequence, Overwrite Existing Data and Allow Over-writing with Blanks as applicable and click on the 'Upload' button to begin the bulk upload.