Get Entity Data

The below API is used to get Entity Data.

Request: GET

Signature: /api/mobile/GetEntData?Token={Login_Token}&EntID={Entity_integer}

Sample: /api/mobile/GetEntData?Token=P7pT6RczvKwGldP1BcmYCQ==&EntID=1478


    "Code": 1,
    "Info": "",
    "RowsAffected": 5,
    "Scalar": null,
    "Identity": 0,
    "RetInfo": "<html><head><style>.Tg { color:gray; padding-top:5px; }.Fd { text-align:right; border-bottom: 1px solid #cccccc; padding-bottom:5px;} a {text-decoration:none; color:deepskyblue}</style></head><body><div class='Tg'>NBL</div><div class='Fd'>test data 1</div><div class='Tg'>Contract Expiry</div><div class='Fd'></div><div class='Tg'>Website</div><div class='Fd'><a href=''></a></div><div class='Tg'>BL</div><div class='Fd'></div><div class='Tg'>TRL</div><div class='Fd'></div></body></html>"

Things to know about this API:

    • Token - You can use Login API to get token displayed under Info
    • EntID - You can use Get Entity List API to get Entity ID displayed under EntID