User Management

The User Management page displays the list of all existing users in TrakIT and allows the management of users in the system. The user list is displayed based on the following filter panel:

TrakIT can have internal as well as external users and by default, this page displays the list of unlocked users. Select the appropriate filters and click on the 'Search' button to see the list of all users who qualify the search criteria. The 'Reset' button resets all filters to their default values.

The list of users is displayed as shown below:

The following columns are displayed:

  • User ID: The Unique identity of the user in the system.

  • Full Name: The full name of the user.

  • Email: The email address of the user.

  • Roles: The role of the user.

  • Assigned: Indicates if the user has been assigned to one or more geographic locations.

  • Zone: Refers to the local time zone of the user.

  • Company: The company to which the user belongs.

  • News: Indicates if the user is subscribed to receive News emails.

  • Session Count: Displays the total session count of the user.

  • Last Active: Show when the user was last active.

  • Online: Indicates which user is currently active.

Create New User

Click on the 'Create' button to create a new user. The following window is displayed:

    1. Provide a unique id for the user in the 'User ID' text-box.

    2. Put the user's first and last name in 'First/Last Name' text-boxes.

    3. In 'Email(s)' textbox, provide the user's email address.

    4. Put the user's mobile number.

    5. To enable multi-factor authentication, select how to receive the OTP in the 'Two Factor Auth.' from the drop-down.

    6. Select the user's company from the 'Company' drop-down list.

    7. Toggle 'Enable SMS' to Yes to enable SMS for this user.

    8. Specify the location tracking frequency of the user in the 'Mobile Tracking' text-box.

    9. Select the new user's role in the 'Initial Role' from the drop-down list.

    10. Toggle the 'News Updates' button to Yes to subscribe to this user with TrakIT news updates.

    11. Workflow Assignment will be 'By Location' by default.

    12. From the 'Assign Geo' drop-down select the location that the user is assigned to. Later it can be changed from the Geography & Access page.

    13. Select workflow group from the drop-down menu. By default, the group will be Shipments.

    14. Select Manager from the drop-down assigned to this user.

    15. Custom WO Filter box is used to apply unique user-specific filters. These filters can only be applied by TrakIT Support.

    16. Specify 'Default Page' to open after the user logs in.

    17. Select the 'Send Welcome Message and Password by Email' checkbox if you want the user to receive these details.

    18. Click on the 'Create' button to create a new user.

View User Details

Click on any user to view more information about that particular user. User details are displayed below:


Basic details about a user are shown on the header.

View Access Roles

Click on the 'Access Roles' tab allows you:

  1. To view and remove the Geographical Assignment for a user.

  2. To view, add, or remove the Workflow Access for a user.

  3. To view, add, remove the Company Assignment for a user.

  4. To view, add, or remove the Roles for a user.

  5. To view, add, or remove the User Level Filters for a user.

View User Data

Click on the 'User Data' tab to view Data added to the user's profile.

View User File

Click on the 'User File' tab to view files attached to the user's profile.

View Session Log

Click on the 'Session Log' tab to display user session log which gives the list of the user's TrakIT sessions.

View Action Log

Click on the 'Action Log' tab to display user application log which gives history of user's actions for the last 2 months.

View Devices Detail

Click on the 'Devices' tab to display user device history for the last 2 months.

View Location

Click on the 'Location' tab to view user's location on map for the last 2 months.

Exporting Users

Click on the 'Export' button at the bottom of the page to export the list of users as per the current filter settings as Excel file.

Users who have access to Update action in Role Management or SysAdmin can make changes to this page.

Update Profile

Click on the icon to edit user details. The following window opens:

The User ID field cannot be modified as it is the primary key. Make desired changes to the user's profile and click on the 'Update' button.

Delete Profile

Click on the icon to delete a user. A confirmation pop up opens. Click 'Delete' to confirm the deletion. A user can only be deleted if the system has no references to the user. If a user has made changes to any data in the system, it will not be possible to delete the user.