KPI Performance Report

A KPI Performance Report gives users an understanding of the performance of various KPIs defined for different workflows. It can be generated on the basis of selected workflows and all/some KPIs belonging to those workflows, within a selected date range.

Once the workflows are selected:

Click on the icon on the top right corner of the KPIs filter to see only those KPIs that are set for the selected workflows.

The date range for which the report is to be generated can be added in the 'From' and 'To' boxes under Date Range filter. Alternately, for quick selection of dates, click on

The following box pops up:

Select the desired time interval, the status of the work orders that should appear in the report, and the way in which this report should be grouped. It can either be 'By Workflow' or 'By KPI' depending upon how the user needs to analyze the report data. Click on the 'Generate Report' button to generate the report based on filter selection.

A sample report is given below:

The following fields are displayed:

Click on any number that is a link, to drill down and see which work orders fall in that particular column category. A sample is given below:

Click on the download the report in MS-Excel.