Query Reports

(NOTE: Query reports can only be created by TrakIT Support.)

Query Report is a highly customizable ad-hoc report to get notified about any kind of information on the TrakIT database.

Reports can be viewed by selecting specific filters from the filter panel as shown below:

Provide a Report Title to view a specific report, specify the owner/user, and if needed specify any part of the SQL query. Click on the 'Search' button to see the list of reports that matches the filter selection.

A sample display of query reports is given below:

Report Title: Displays the title of the report.

Report Owner: Displays of the owner of report who owes responsibility of the report.

User Access: Displays the count of users who has preview access to the report.

Format: Displays in which format report is being sent.

Zip: Displays 'Yes' if report file is compressed into a zip file.

Days: Displays the weekdays on which report is scheduled to be sent.

Delivery: Displays the mode of delivery in which report is sent to its destination.

Last Queued: Displays the report queued date and time.

Last Sent: Displays the report send date and time.

Last Generation: Displays the time taken to get the report generated.

Parameters: Displays 'Yes' if report has parameter defined to it.

Last Modified: Displays the name of the user and time who last modified the report.

Click on the report to modify or delete a report. Only the frequency of the report, recipients, and parameters can be modified by the user.

For more details, go to Query Details