Request: POST

Signature: api/v1/saveseqdata

Token must be passed as a Header in the request.


An array of below objects. Fields Value and Remarks will be updated only. Field "UpdatedBy" is optional and can contain the token of another user who is actually making the update. A maximum of 999 items can be present in the array.



        "WOID": 1298,

        "Code": "DOCRECCOPY",

        "Value": "2016-06-16 15:00",

        "Remarks": ""



        "WOID": 1298,

        "Code": "REF",

        "Value": "MSA/OCE",

        "Remarks": "",

      "UpdatedBy": "V6xe6BwT2RWbWgJl3bqiz67t_Fg=="



Return Value:

RetInfo will contain an array of strings with the results of each Data update in the same order as sent with values: Success, Unchanged or an error message.


    "Code": 1,

    "Info": "",

    "RowsAffected": 0,

    "Scalar": null,

    "Identity": 0,

    "RetInfo": [ ] // Will return array of results