Link Asset to WO

The below API is used to link an asset to the Work Order.

Request: POST

Signature: /api/mobile/LinkWOAsset?Token={Login_Token}



Sample: /api/mobile/LinkWOAsset?Token=VomYEMiECFFyAQ3==


"AssetSerial": "ASSET2345",
"Replace": true


"Code": 1,
"Info": "Asset linked successfully",
"RowsAffected": 1,
"Scalar": null,
"Identity": 0,
"RetInfo": null

Things to know about this API:

1. Use the Login API to get token

2. If passing 'true' in the 'Replace' option, any asset of the same type that is linked to the Work Order will be unlinked.

3. These fields are mandatory while sending request body:

      • WONum
      • AssetSerial