This section displays that which service is linked to the workflow. Services are appears here based on the workflow type which is specified in workflow setting. The window is displayed as below:

The first two services which are marked as selected services are linked to the workflow which can be linked to event/data fields. The available services are those which are to be linked to workflow and display only those which belong to the type similar to workflow, once these are linked will appear against event/data to select accordingly.

Services details

Name/Description: Displayed as per the defined master services under Admin. For more details Workflow Services

Event/Data: It shows how many event/data fields are linked to a specific service.

Accounts: It shows how many Accounts are linked to a specific service.

A service can not be unlinked to workflow until it is unlinked to respective events/data. To link more services from available, check box it and click on the 'Save' button.

Available services are given based on the services defined under Master Service.