Job Documents

This section displays the list of documents attached to the finance job as follows: 

Click on the  icon to download any document.

Click on the icon to view any document.

Click on the icon to cancel any document.

Click on icon to modify document Title and File Name.

Adding New Document

Click on the 'Add Document' tab for adding a new document. The following pop up:

The document will be uploaded automatically once the file is selected. 

Email Document

Select the document and click on the 'Email Documents' tab. The window will be popped up as below:

By default, optional message contains the above mentioned along with the user name who is sending the document which can also be modified.  

To select appropriate recipients, click on 'Add customer' or 'Add Myself'. Other email addresses can also be specified in the recipients box.


Checkbox the option if instead of attachments, links are to be sent.

Click on the 'Send' button to send the document.