External Interface

This interface displays the data for external user such that Customer which provides information related to their Shipments/Invoices/Performances/Automated reports etc. The interface can be customized as per the requirement.

The details are displayed as follows:

Home Page

This page shows the details pf Shipments and Outstanding invoices as well as chart which provides the number of work orders created over a given time period as shown below:

Shipment/Outstanding Invoice: Respective details can be viewed by clicking on the 'View' button.

Chart: The horizontal axis displays the time period and the vertical axis displays the number of work orders created in that time period.


As many dashboards can be defined to view the visual display of data related to specific customer and these are completely customized. The details appear on dashboards are displayed as per requirement and as desired. Dashboard or customized page can contain any information, based on filters applicable.


It displays all work orders/shipments in the system based on the workflow and selected filters that are customizable by the user. the list of consolidated shipments sorted by the Transport Document number. A sample display is given below:

Apply the desired filters and click on the 'Search' button to view shipments.

To view work orders belong to a specific shipment, click over the row then window will be popped up as below,

It displays the details along with row basis on how many work order belong to the shipment. Displayed columns can be customized/adjusted as desired.

To view work order details, click over row and fields which are accessible to customers can be viewed/update.


This page displays the history of outstanding invoices/credit note/debit note for all the shipments belongs to the respective customer. The list can be viewed based on the filters as shown below:


This page displays the list of reports which are subscribed to the external user. The window is popped up as below:

Reports can be downloaded as per the specified format.