Report Queue

NOTE: Only Admin and SysAdmins has access to this page.

This page displays the list of the reports which are added in the queue.So, that we can track which report is not sending out or taking longer time.

Selecting specific filters from the filter panel as shown below:

Specify the Report Type from the drop-down menu- it could be 'Customer Report' or 'User Report' or 'Advanced Report' or 'Query Report', provide a Report Name to view a specific report, specify an entity named in the Entity/Title By field to see all reports for that particular entity. Click on the 'Search' button to see the list of reports that match the filter selection.

A sample display of reports queue is given below:

Once all the filters are selected, click on the 'Search' button, the list of reports matching the filter criteria is displayed. A sample display is given below: