Data Definitions

The Work Order Data section is where work order data for various events of a workflow can be defined.

Creating a New Data

Click on the 'Create' button to add a new data field to the workflow. The following dialog box pops up:

    1. Master Data: Select the desired Data Field from the drop-down list. If this data field does not exist in the list, it can be created in the Events/Data table by adding through "Add New" (The data field and code will automatically be selected after saving). Add New function has been defined at the end of page..

    2. Specific Info/Suffix: Specific information related to an event data can be put in the Specific Info/Suffix textbox.

    3. Currently Active: Leave the Currently Active toggle switch as Yes. It can be changed later if the event becomes inactive

    4. Description: Enter the full description.

    5. Responsible Company: Select the Responsible Company from the drop-down list.

    6. Owner Role: Select the Owner role for this Data.

    7. Unique Data Code: A default value for the Unique Data Code is supplied based on the Event Field selected. The code must not be changed unless it is necessary to maintain its uniqueness of code.

    8. Apply To: Select 'Apply to' from the given drop down which can be 'Work Order Only' or 'Job'.

    9. Background Color: Select Background Color for this event data field from the drop-down list. This helps in a better view of all event data.

    10. Customer Access: Select Customer Access from the drop-down. It can be No Access, Visible, or Updatable.

    11. Requires: Select Requires from the drop-down and the field from another drop-down it refers to which field should be updated.

    12. Display in Header: Toggle Yes to Display in Header if this data field should appear in the work order header.

    13. Quick Search: Toggle Yes Quick Search if this data field is to be included in the Quick Search function.

    14. Default Data Value: A default data value can be set in the Default Data Value text box.

    15. Require Remarks: Select Require Remarks from the drop-down.

    16. Required Data: Toggle Yes to make data field mandatory.

    17. Data Option: Select the Data Option from the drop-down and specify the transformation option to apply to this Data Field.

    18. RegEx Validation: Specify a Regular Expression to validate this Data Field.

    19. RegEx Message: Specify the message to be displayed when the Regular Expression validation fails.

    20. Item/Query List: Add Item/Query List to get the list of items. It can contain many items by using a semicolon(;) after each item.

    21. Validation Exp.: Add Validation Expression for having the condition of any particular data.

    22. Additional Actions: Select Add data to existing open work orders as well if this data field is to be added to all open work orders.

For a selected workflow, work order data is displayed as follows:

In order to update other details like workflow, functions, etc to an event. Click on any data. The following window will appear:

Editing Work Order Data

Click on the icon to modify work order data. The following dialog box appears:

Additional Actions

  • Checkbox 'Apply data to existing open work orders where data is missing' checkbox to apply data changes to all existing open work orders where it is not already present. This Additional Actions section will only appear when the particular data field is missing from work order.

  • Checkbox 'Remove data from existing open work orders where not applicable' checkbox if this data is not applicable to existing work orders anymore.

Make the desired changes and click on the 'Save' button.

Deleting a Data

Click on the icon if the event is to be deleted. A confirmation dialog box appears as follows:

A data cannot be deleted if it is used in one or more work orders. Force Delete checkbox under Additional Actions can be selected to remove this data from all work orders as well as reports where it is used.

Click on the 'Delete' button to delete the event and all data associated with it.

Exporting Work Order Data

Click on the 'Export' button to export work order data in MS-Excel.

Adding a new field on Data page

Click on 'Add New' button. It will have three fields called Data Name, Data Code and Data Type. Type of data can be Text, Number, Date, Currency, Computed, Hyperlink, Location, and Phone as defined below:

  • Text: Gives free text to fill a field.

  • Number: Allows to fill a field as numbers.

  • Date: Gives the date format.

  • Currency: Allows to add a field as currency.

  • Computed: Allows to a compute expression on which field should be auto calculated.

  • Hyperlink: Allows to fill a field with hyperlink.

  • Location: Allows to add a Geo location.

  • Phone: Allows to add phone number.