Event/Data Actions

When an Event or a Data field is populated or changed in a work order, you can have TrakIT perform one or more actions either immediately or after a delay.

To setup actions, open the Workflow Definition detail page, select the Event or Data field. This will bring you to the Event/Data detail page. Click the 'Actions' tab.

To create a new action, click 'Add Action'. The following popup opens.


Title - Enter a title for the action.

Type - Select the Type of action to be taken. Depending on the Action Type, other options will be presented. Here are each of the action Types:

Send Email

This option allows you to send an email to specific recipients. The content of the email can be selected as shown below:

Send Chat Message

This option allows you to send an internal chat notification on TrakIT chat system. The message will flash on the recipients TrakIT screen bottom left.

Send SMS

This option allows you to send a Short Message Service (SMS) to a mobile phone. TrakIT must be configured and enabled to send SMS messages using your SMS provider.

Send WhatsApp Notification

This option allows you to send a message on WhatsApp.

Send Document

This option allows you to send documents attached to the work order based on the document title or  file name. 

Send App Notification

This option allows you to send a message to the TrakIT Mobile app used by the recipient.

Save to FTP Location

This option allows you save a specific document to FTP location.

Post to API

This option allows you post data to API server.

Update Asset

This option allows you to update a data field on an asset that is linked to the work order where having the event/data field where the action was triggered.

Update Event/Data

This option allows you to update other Events or Data fields within the same work order.

Post Comment

This option allows you to post comment against work order once any specific field is updated.

Close/Cancel Work Order

These options allow you to immediately close or cancel the work order.

Email Subject refers to the subject of email and also template codes can be used in Email Subject.


Selecting the Email, SMS, Chat, WhatsApp, or App Notification option, presents a section for recipients:

Enter email addresses (if applicable) or User IDs of the users who should receive the message. Or specify customize recipient list using SQL Statement.

You can also select the Carrier, Contractual Customer, Transporter, Return Transporter, Bond Agent, or Clearing Agent from the drop-down for the work order.

Select Trigger - Select when this action will be triggered. There are two options available:

Condition - Specify an SQL condition here. The action is triggered only if the condition is true. Please contact TrakIT Support for assistance in writing the SQL condition.

Event/Data Codes - Enter codes of events or data fields that must be completed (or not completed) for the action to be triggered.

SQL Condition: Specify SQL clause for this action.

SQL Description: Specify the description for the SQL Condition that will be seen by users.

Retry Action for: Specify for how many days retry will be attempted since the update of event/data.