The Companies table displays the list of all the countries in which the company using TrakIT is located, along with the number of users in each location. Companies can be viewed by selecting specific filters from the filter panel as shown below: 

Code/Name: Enter the code or name of the company.

Country: Select the respective country to which company belongs and click on the search button. Window will appear as below,

Add New Company

Company Name: Enter the unique code for the company.

Code: Enter the unique name for the company.

Country: Select the country to which this company belongs.

Time Zone: Select the default time zone for this company.

Finance Status Emails: Specify whether notifications emails are sent on changes to job status in finance.

Finance Code: Enter the Finance code.

Exchange Rate Type: Specify how the exchange rate for alternate currency amount is obtained.

Bill Validation Tolerance: Specify value range from 0.00 to 0.50. Allows bill validation if bill total does not match bill amount within the tolerance level.

Allow Negative Revenue: Toggle 'Yes' if the total revenue for an entity will be allowed to be negative.

Max Exchange Rate Age: Specify the maximum age of the exchange rate that will be allowed.

Default Credit Days: Specify the default credit days for both Invoices and Bills.

Default Currency: Specify the default currency.

Invoice Settings

Invoice Prefix: Select the invoice prefix to be used for this company.

Invoice Serial Size: Select how many digits are to be used for the invoice serial number. 

Credit Note Prefix: Select the credit note prefix to be used for this company.

Period Prefix Format: Select the invoice period prefix format. 

Line Item Display: Select what each line item in the invoice should display.

Rounding: Select how the invoice total should be rounded which can be No Rounding, Round Up, Round Down, or Round Nearest. By default it is set to 'No Rounding'.

Hide Rate/Quantity on Invoice: Specify the default setting for whether Rate and Quantity columns should be hidden on invoices.

Show Line Total: Specify whether the Total for each line item is displayed in the invoice when taxes are present.  

Add Ad-hoc Accounts: Specify whether accounts can be added directly from Master Accounts

Back-dating: Specify the maximum number of days an invoice can be back-dated.

Back-date Month Closing: Specify till which day of the month invoice back-dating to the previous month is allowed.

Show Quantity Unit: Specify the default setting for whether Quantity Unit (Applies To) should be visible on invoices.

Show Subtotals: Specify the default setting for whether Subtotals for Income and Disbursement accounts should be visible on invoices. 

Email Settings

Logo Image:  Upload Logo and Image should be in .png format with transparent background.

Email Template: Select the email template from the drop-down.