18. General FAQ

Bulk Update/Email Update

1. I am trying to do bulk upload but it is giving me an error message "Header Missing"?

TrakIT only uploads the data present in the first sheet of the document. Make sure you mention the column header and the complete data in the first sheet. Also, check if there is any hidden spreadsheet in the document.

2. Why am I getting 'Out of Sequence' error message while updating data via e-mail, when I have used the correct 'TrakIT Upload Ignore sequence' in the subject line?

Ignore sequence requires minimum Operation role and if you are overwriting the data, then you need Power User role.

Entity Management

1. How to add Transporter in TrakIT?

Select Entity Management in Systems tab in TrakIT. Go to the Transporter tab and click on the 'Create' button, provide the entity code, entity name, and the assigned country. Click on the Save button.

2. I'm trying to add email address to entity but it's giving me error "Email is excluded" although ID is correct.

If email getting bounced, it will be added to excluded list (Admin > Email Log > Excluded) whether address is correct or not. For removing from excluded list, go to admin > email log > excluded and click on cross icon to remove it (Only SysAdmin can remove email addresses from the excluded list).

3. While adding entity, it's giving an error 'Code must be Alphanumeric'.

Entity code can only have numbers from 0 to 9 or the letters from A to Z. And Dash Symbol (-) is also acceptable. You cannot use any special characters instead of these.

4. It's giving me error 'Unable to Add Entity' while using Import function.

While using import function for adding Entity, Please make sure the Entity Code has 10 characters or less.

Work Order

1. How can I change/update the Transport Document/SI/BN number in a work order?

Open the work order, click/hover on the work order number. Side menu list will open, select Change Transport Document/SI/BN. Enter the details and Save the changes.

2. I have created the work order in a wrong workflow. How can I change the workflow?

Open the work order, click/hover on the work order number. Side menu list will open, select Change Workflow/Services. Select the correct workflow name and its services and click on Save button.

3. How can I split the existing shipment to two different shipments?

Open the work order, click/hover on the work order number. Side menu list will open, select Change Transport Document/SI/BN. Select the work orders that you want to move to different T/D. Enter the new T/D number and Save the changes.

4. Why am I getting 'Missing Transporter' error message while populating some event in work order?

That mean the event that you are trying to populate requires Transporter field to be populated first.

5. Why am I getting 'Out of Sequence' error message while populating some event in work order?

That mean that you are skipping an event in between and in Workflow Def. ignore sequence is selected as NO.

6. I'm not able to delete work order as the 'Delete work order' option is disabled. How can I delete?

Work order can be deleted within four days only if there is no document attached to the work order (if user has access). For deleting word order kindly contact TrakIT Support after days.

7. Why I'm unable to change the Transport document number? Although I have access to change Transport document number.

There must be configuration that Transport document number can be changed within limited days from the creation of work order date. For increasing day limit or changing T/D number, contact TrakIT Support.

8. I want to display respective services on create new shipment page while creating new work order.

For having services to be displayed while creating work orders, events and data that belong to respective services should be linked to them.

Delay Tracking

1. I have added the delay tracking cost but it is not showing anything in delay tab in a work order?

When you add delay tracking cost make sure you select 'Apply to active containers also' and check if the start event is already filled, if it is already populated than it will not be added in the tracking list.

KPI (Key Performance Indicator)

1. I have added the KPI definitions but it is not showing the updated target days in work order?

When you add KPIs in workflow definitions make sure you select 'Apply the changes to existing work order list'.

2. Why am I getting the KPI Target days as 5 days in work order, when I have mentioned 40 hours as Target in Workflow Definitions?

Check if the KPI is calculating in business hours(8 hours).That means 40/8=5 days.

Workflow Definition

1. How can I add 'any event/data' in a particular workflow?

Open the workflow in workflow definition, go to Event/Data tab that has to be added. Click on 'Create' button, select the Master field and enter any details regarding the field and click on Save.

2. How to set required event / data / header field as mandatory to input before any specific data / event?

Go to workflow definition, select the data/event and select modify. From the requires drop down, select 'header/event/data' and then select the field from the second drop down and click on 'Save' button.

3. Why I am not able to delete the work order event from workflow definition, error message coming is 'Cannot delete event with workflow instruction'?

Check if the event has any workflow instruction added. Open the row menu of that particular event and select 'Workflow' and remove those instructions and then try to delete the event.

4. How can I set some fields mandatory while creating work orders?

Go to the workflow definition, select the workflow where you want to make the changes. From the drop down select 'Mandatory Header Fields', select the header fields that you want to make mandatory and click on Save button.

5. I want to update Rev/Exp Recognition Event in workflow but I’m getting error like “Cannot find event code”. So how can I avoid this error?

For that you need to write ‘Event Code’ instead of Event Name in Rev/Exp Recognition Event.

6. At the time of adding action, can I use different code in compose message rather than mentioned already?

No, in simple message you can only use those codes which are mentioned already. If you want to use different codes then you need to select ‘Message Template’ in content type instead of Simple message.

7. Is it possible to remove some fields to be visible/mandatory in WO Header?

Admin >Workflow definition > Select the Workflow > From drop down select Header fields > Edit which one to mandatory or visible > Save.


1. How can I remove my email address from the recipient's list from all of the reports?

Click on Reports tab and go to 'My Reports' section. Click on 'Report Recipient' tab. You will get all the reports where your email address is added in the recipient list. Click on the delete button and remove your email address from the report list.

2. How can I create report of monthly works orders and the KPI for a specific period?

Report > Interactive Report > KPI Performance Report > Set filters as per your requirement > then ‘Generate Report’.

Geography and Access

1. How can I create depot under specific city?

Admin > Geography & Access > Select the geographical structure under which new entity is to be created. Click on create button to create a new geographical region then click on ‘Save’ button. Please make sure that the Correct parent is selected.