Advanced Reports

Unlike Workflow Reports, Advanced Reports are not workflow specific. They include all workflows and customers by default. Advanced Reports can be viewed by selecting specific filters from the filter panel as shown below:

Provide a Report Name to view a specific report, specify the Report Type from the drop-down menu- it could be 'By Work Order' or 'By Transport Document', specify a user name in the Modified By field to see all reports modified by a particular user. Click on the 'Search' button to see the list of reports that match the filter selection.

A sample display of advanced reports is given below:

Click on the 'Create' button to create a new advanced report. The following window pops up:

Modify Report 

Click on the Pencil icon to modify report name, history or status as shown below:

The page will appear as mentioned:

Make desired changes and click on 'Save' button. 

Report Owner: "Report Owner" is the one who owes responsibility of the report. A report is accessible and modifiable only by the Report Owner or a System Administrator. The responsibility of the report owner includes creation, adding fields, modifying subscriptions, setting recipients, etc. No other user (except SysAdmins) are able to make any changes to the report.

Once the report is created, the creator of the report automatically becomes the owner. It is also possible to transfer the ownership of a report to another user by owner or SysAdmins.

Note: The ownership of the report can't be given to multiple users. Report owner can always be a single user.

Reports that are generated/pulled manually should be accessible to other users and access can only be given by the report owner or SysAdmin which is based on subscription instead of report. Such access can be granted or revoked as needed to specific users.

No changes can be made by such users who have access to report. They can only generate/download the reports from Reports -> My Reports.

Click on the mentioned icon to create a copy of this report. This copies the report fields along with the subscriptions to the new report.

Click on mentioned icon to delete a report. A confirmation window pops up. Click on the 'Delete' button to confirm the deletion.

Once the report is created, looks as below:

Click on the 'Add Field' button under Fields to add  to this report. The following dialog box is displayed:

The fields once created, look as below:

Fields are displayed in a report in the order of their creation. This order can be changed by dragging  icon up or down.

Hover over icon for any field to modify or delete it.

Filters added on this tab will be applied on all subscriptions. These filters are also shown when subscription filters are being modified, but they cannot be modified from within a subscription.

Click on the 'Add Filter' to add various filters to report.

 In the subscriptions tab, click on the 'Add Subscription' button to add new subscriptions for this report.

On the selection of HTML and MS-Excel files, a drop-down gets popped up to highlight events/data. Select the desired option from the Highlight Events/Data drop-down list if you wish to highlight the events/data that have recently been populated.

Once created, an advanced report subscription looks like below:

Title: Displays title of the subscription.

Delivery Mode: Displays the delivery mode of the report/subscription.

Type: Displays type of the report.

Template: Displays template getting used for a subscription. These are customized templates and can only be created by TrakIT Support.

Zip: Displays whether the report is zipped or not.

User Access: Displays the count of users having permission to preview this report manually.

Recipient(s): Displays how many users are subscribed to receive a report.

Days: Displays when the report is scheduled to be sent from the system.

Last Queued/Last Sent: Displays when last the report was to queued to be sent and when was it sent.

Highlights: Displays of when the events/data are to be highlighted.

Last Gen: Displays the generation time report took to fetch data.

History will only include attachment generated of reports as per the selection of history while creating report. If history is set as No, then no data will be shown. 


This option allows to perform actions in one go against multiple subscriptions such as Add Recipients, Modify Details, Modify Schedules.

Click hover over the row  icon to perform the following tasks on subscriptions:

Setting Filters in Subscriptions

An Advanced report will not work without any filters. 

 Click on mentioned icon to set various filters for a subscription. 

Select the desired filter to get the list of all available entities from which few or all can be selected as required. Once selected, click on the 'Add Filter' button. Once a filter has been added, it cannot be modified. To modify, please delete the filter by clicking on the 'x' symbol on the filter and then add the same filter again with the new selections.

<Custom> tab enables the creation of an advanced filter using an SQL clause.creation of an advanced filter using an SQL clause.

For more information on Custom filters, see Custom Filters for Advanced Reports.

The work orders are displayed in the report on the basis of these filters.

Filters defined on subscriptions can also be transferred to report level filters by clicking on 'Transfer to Report Filter'. It will remove all matching filters on all subscriptions so that a common filter can be used.

Deletion of Filters

Click on the 'cross' icon to delete respective filter.

Creating a Recipients List

Click on icon to add the name or email addresses of the User or Customer who are subscribed to this report.

Setting User Access

Click on mentioned icon to give report user to user. This only allows user to extract/download report manually.

To add user, select appropriate company they are assigned to and then name of the user. User shall be assigned/added automatically once user name is selected.

Previewing a Subscription

Click on mentioned icon to preview the report. It opens in the format selected for it during creation. Icon to preview the report. It opens in the format selected for it during creation.

Duplicating a Subscription

Click on mentioned icon to create a duplicate copy of this subscription. All the fields and filters are copied in the new subscription.

Sending a Subscription

Click on mentioned icon to send the email to customers and users who have been subscribed to this report.

Editing a Subscription

Click on mentioned icon to edit a subscription. All the fields in the subscription definition can be edited.

Deleting a Subscription

Click on icon to delete a subscription. A confirmation window pops up. Click on the 'Delete' button to confirm the deletion.