This page contains all the finance-related information for a workflow, like income, expenditure, and other payments.

Creating a New Account

Select the Company from the drop-down for which default accounts have to be added. Selection can only be made if the user is having access to more than one company else it will be set to their primary company.

The window is displayed as below:

    • Select an Account Type from the drop-down list. It can be Income, Expense, or Disbursement. Once the type is selected, available taxes in the system will be displayed.

    • Depending upon the Account type, Category will appear. Select the respective category from the list.

    • Depending upon the Category respective Account Master will appear, select an Account Master from the drop-down list. If the account does not exist in this list, it can be created through Finance Master under Admin.

    • Any specific information related to the transaction can be added to the Detail field.

    • You can make use of below given "Applies To" options:

    • Enter Default Amount for this Account.

    • By default Active check-box is selected. Any new account will automatically appear in the work orders.

    • Select appropriate service to be applied for the account.

    • Select the applicable Tax for the account.

    • Click on the 'Create' button.

The transactions for a workflow are displayed as follows:

Hover on icon corresponding to any accounts to perform more actions on this page. The following menu appears:

Editing a Financials

Click on icon to edit a particular transaction. The following dialog box appears:

Account Type, Account Master, and Account Detail fields cannot be edited. Make desired changes and click on the 'Save' button.

Deleting Financials

Click on icon to delete a particular transaction if it is no longer required. Confirm the deletion by clicking on the 'Delete' button.

Copy Financials

Instead of creating the account afresh for a new workflow, they can be copied from the existing workflow for which they have already been defined. Of course, changes can be made in their values as required.

Select the workflow from the drop-down list to which the accounts are to be copied and click on the 'Copy' button. Accounts are copied successfully and are displayed on the screen.