Document Checklist

Very often, some documents or requirements are forgotten during the course of a shipment. The Document Checklist feature sits within the Documents tab within a work order and provides an overview of all documents for the shipment.

Date/Time of document added can be viewed by clicking on the link of time and period.

Before this feature can be used, the Workflow Administrator must set up the specific documents required for the workflow.

Go to Admin > Workflow Definitions > Select a Workflow. In the workflow definition page, select the "Document Checklist" section and click 'Add Document' to add new documents. In addition to the document name and description, you can specify whether the original document or a copy is required.

Documents added here are automatically displayed on all work orders (there is no need to add them to past or existing work orders). They can be re-ordered as required.

Document Name: Specify Document Name with a maximum length of 200 characters.

Description: Specify description of document with a maximum length of 500 characters.

Requirement Type: Specify the requirement type of document.

File Name Expression: Documents with file names matching this expression will automatically be assigned to this checklist item.

Mandatory: Check the box to specify whether the document is mandatory or not.

Document Reminder Emails

Document Reminder Emails refer to send a document reminder to customers.

Click on Add Reminder. The following fields are displayed:

  1. Enter the title of the reminder.

  2. Select form from the drop-down menu.

  3. Checkbox the days on which reminder to be sent.

  4. Enter time on the bases of time zone.

  5. Add customer IDs to whom reminders to be sent.

  6. Click on the Add button.