This page allows you to fix the incorrect Translations. System uses the Google Translation services to obtain translations. After getting the translation, TrakIT saves it in a Translation Cache table..

There might be a possibility that the translation does not match the correct term in the local language. Hence In order to fix it, SysAdmins can go the Admin > SysAdmin Tools > Translations. TrakIT will display a list of translations saved in the cache. These can be updated with the correct translations.

Translations can be viewed by selecting specific filters from the filter panel as shown below:

A sample display of Translations is given below:

To update the correct Translation, click on any language and correct translation then click on 'Save' button as shown below:

This is to translate Invoice table header to local language. If a non-English template is being used for generating the invoice, TrakIT will also translate the table header of the invoice to the foreign language as per a setting defined in the Form definitions.

The following fields are available in the Invoice Form templates:


The language selection affects the Invoice Table that is displayed within the template. This includes the column headers, and elements like Sub-Total, Grand Total, amount in words, etc.

The language selection does not affect the rest of the template - which can be in any language or a mix of languages.

If Data fields are present in the Invoice table, the column headers are also translated. But the data values are not.

Table Display

This option allows you to select whether to display both English and foreign names together or one at a time. The default is "Both Names".

The option affects both the table header and the account names. Please note that account names are not translated. You must specify the local name for the account in the Admin > Finance Masters section.