Quotation Details

This section displays the entire detail of the quote.

After creation, the quotation is initially in the draft status and the revision is indicated as 1.

Click on icon to duplicate the quote.

Click on pencil icon to modify it. All details can be modified except for the Company.

Click on icon to delete the quote.

  1. Account: Displays the account/items added to it and fill in the details as indicated.

  2. Documents: Displays the list of documents attached to the quotation. This can be auto-generated as well as manually uploaded.

  3. Data: This section displays the list of all fields that are associated with the quotation and defined under Master Table -> Data Field Definitions -> Select Entity Fields -> Select Quotation Fields.

  4. Audit Log: Displays information about all changes made to the quote by users, along with the local time and date and the name of the user who made the changes.

Click on Request Approval or Approve.

Request Approval - This will send an email to users who are set to be notified.

Approve - The user can directly approve if having permission to.

On approval, the status is updated to approved as shown below. On Revision, the Revision count will increase by 1.

Click on the Generate button as shown above, and from the drop-down select the form templates available as indicated. If the quotations need to be emailed, select the checkboxes as required and click on Generate button.

To view or download the pdf, go to Documents tab and click on the respective icons.

The 'R1' in the file name indicates the revision number.

External files can also be uploaded/added by clicking on 'Add Files' button.

The work flow of a Quotation is as depicted below.