The Accounts page displays all accounts added to the shipment along with the entity name and the total income and expenses. Users can only see accounts belonging to workflows that they have access to by virtue of their assigned location. The Filter panel (displayed below) is used to search or filter the list of accounts displayed on this page.

Once the filters are set, click on the 'Search' button to display the list of accounts that match the set filters. Click on the 'Reset' button to reset filters to their default value (except for the Workflow filter). 

Viewing the Accounts List

Below is the image which has the list of accounts. All jobs of selected company on the top gets displayed. User can select appropriate company only if having access to multiple companies.

Type - Displays the type of account. It can be Income, Expense, or Disbursement.

Category - Displays the category of the accounts.

Account Name - Displays the name of the account used in the shipment jobs.

Appr - Displays whether the account is approved or not. Approval mode is set in Admin -> Finance Masters.

Workflow - Displays the nameof the workflow the job is linked to.

Job - Displays the shipment number or the Transport Document Number.

Work Order -  Displays the Work Order ID.

Rev/Exp Date - Displays the latest date populated in an event defined for Revenue Recognition.

Invoice To - Display the entity name for which the invoice is created.

Billed By - Displays the entity name which is charging the amount.

Applies - Displays if the transaction is applicable to a single work order or per T/D if the transaction applies to the entire shipment or per Kilogram, per cubic meter, per TEU, or even manually.

Currency - Displays the currency for the account.

Rate - Displays the amount for this account.

Quantity - Displays the quantity as per the 'Applies' option.

Total - Displays the total amount for the account.

Taxes - Displays the tax rate applied to the account.

Updated By - Displays the name of the user who made the changes along with the local time.


This option allows to take action against multiple accounts such as Approve accounts, Assign Entity to accounts, Assign Bill

Approve - Select accounts to be approved and click on 'Approve'. Action will only be taken if approval mode is set in Finance Masters.

Assign Entity - Select appropriate accounts and click on 'Assign Entity'. It allows to assign entity as well replace the existing one.

Assign Bill - Select accounts and click on 'Assign Bill'. Only accounts matching company and currency with selected Bills will be assigned.


Click on the 'Export' button, a file gets downloaded with the information displayed on the page in MS-Excel format.