Location Tracking

This page allows you to track location of any TrakIT user who is using the TrakIT Mobile app which can be done with below 4 steps.

  1. Specify the Tracking Start and End events in the workflow setup.

  2. Create a user profile for your truck drivers and enable location tracking on their profile

  3. Have each driver download the TrakIT Mobile app on his Android phone and log in once only.

  4. Link the relevant work orders to the drivers.

Follow the below steps to enable Location Tracking

Specify the Tracking Start and End events in the workflow setup

  • Edit the workflow header under Workflow Definition and enter START Event and End Event for the location tracking. Below image for reference

Create User profiles and enable location tracking on their profiles

  • To create a user profile, go to User Management select the 'Internal User' tab. Click on the 'Create' button. The following dialog box pops up:

Enter the minutes in the Mobile Tracking field to specify the location tracking frequency of the user's TrakIT Mobile app. If set to '0' means not to track. For more details to add user in TrakIT, go to User Management.

Install TrakIT mobile app on the user's Android phone

  • The app is available at the Google Play Store. Click the link below to install TrakIT Mobile.

  1. Go to Work Order menu to check the location tracking. A sample work order is given below:

Click on the Location Tracking to view information tracking. Select the user from the drop down menu in Select Source.

Once the user is selected it will remember the selection.