Get Entity WO By Date

The below API is used to get Entity Work Orders by Date. Date is returned based on Skip Count and Page Size.

Request: GET

Signature: /api/mobile/GetEntWOByDate?Token={Login_Token}&EntID={Ent_Integer}&From={From_Date}&To={To_Date}&SkipCount={SkipCount}&PageSize={PageSize}

Sample: /api/mobile/GetEntWOByDate?Token=VomYEMiECFFyAQ3==&EntID=1478&From=20220101&To=20220630&SkipCount=60&PageSize=20



"Code": 1,

"Info": "",

"RowsAffected": 1234,

"Scalar": null,

"Identity": 0,

"RetInfo": [


"WONum": 11745,

"WOStatus": 3,

"Data": "11745<br/>\n<small>TAKU2345183</small>"




Things to know about this API:

    • Token - You can use Login API to get token displayed under Info

    • EntID - You can use Get Entity List API to get Entity ID displayed under EntID

    • From/To - Specify the From and To dates in the format yyyyMMdd. E.g. 20th January 2022 will be written as 20220120. The 'To' date cannot be earlier than the 'From' date.

    • SkipCount - Specify the number of rows to skip when returning data. To be used for paging implementation. Use 0 if paging is not required.

    • PageSize - Specify the limit of rows to return. To be used for paging implementation. PageSize cannot exceed 999.

    • Maximum number of Work Orders returned will be 999 (based on max page size).

    • Total number of row available will be returned in the RowsAffected field.

    • RetInfo

      1. WONum (Work Order ID)

      2. WOStatus (0 = Active, 1 = Abandoned, 2 =Canceled, 3/4 = Closed)

      3. Data (By default it displays the Container Number. It can be customized to include more information if required)