This page allows you to create quotations for a customer before even creating the shipment. After approval, the quotation can be generated on a PDF file and sent to the customer at the click of a button. You can finalize the quotation or revise it any number of times.

Once the filters are set, click on the 'Search' button to display the list of quotations that match the set filters. Click on the 'Reset' button to reset filters to their default value.

The result is displayed as below,

The Yellow highlighted row indicates that the quotation is a Template. Cancelled quotations are displayed in Red.

The following columns are displayed:

ID: Displays the auto-generated Quotation ID which gets generated at the time of creation.

Date: Displays the date of the Quote which gets reflected on the generation of Quotation.

Number: Displays the number of quotation.

Rev: Displays the count of revision.

Title: Displays the title of the quotation.

Company: Displays the company name.

Workflow: Displays the name of the workflow.

Entity: Displays the name of the entity to which the quotation is linked.

Currency: Displays the Currency.

Income: Displays the total income of the quotation.

Expense: Displays the total expense of the quotation.

Gross Profit: Displays the difference between income and expenses.

Status: Displays the status of the Quotation.

Validity Days: Display the number of days it is valid.

Created By: Displays the name of the creator.

Creating New Quotation

Click on the 'New Quote' button to create a new quote. The following window pops up:

  1. Type: Select type the dropdown menu. It can be Normal or Template. The 'Template' type cannot be generated but can be replicated to create new quotations.

  2. Title: Enter the title of the quotation.

  3. Company: Select the company from the dropdown. By default primary company is selected of the user, required company can be selected in case of multiple companies access.

  4. Entity Type: Select the entity type from the dropdown menu.

  5. Entity: Select the entity name from the dropdown to be linked.

  6. Currency: Select the currency for the quote.

  7. Validity: Enter the number of days the quotation will be valid.

  8. Workflow: Select the workflow to assign to the quote. Once the workflow is assigned, accounts can be Initialized from the workflow in the quotation.

Note: workflow can only be assigned at the time of creation.

  1. Hide Total: Hides the total amount on the quote.

  2. Restricted: Toggle 'Yes' to restrict the quote. Restricted quotes can only be seen by the quote creator, SysAdmin as well as the users who are to be notified.

  3. Notify Users: Select users to send the status of the quotation on each action taken. Only users having company access similar to the quote's company can be notified.

  4. Internal Remarks: Enter the internal remarks for the quote which can only be seen on the Quotation details page.

  5. External Remarks: Enter the external remarks for the quote which can be seen on the Quotation detail page as well as printed on the quotation.

  6. Term & Conditions: Enter the term and conditions for the quote which can be seen on the Quotation detail page as well as printed on the quotation.


Click on the 'Export' button, a file gets downloaded with the information displayed on the quotation page in MS-Excel format.

For more details, go to Quotation Detail