Depot List

This page displays all the depots that have been created in Geography and Access.

Depot list can be viewed by selecting specific filters from the filter panel as shown below:

Specify code, depot, country, or any data which is updated in the depot. Click on the 'Search' button to see the list of depots that matches the filter selection.

A sample list of depots is given below:

The icon will display all the depot locations in the map.

Click on any depot, to view its basic information. It displays details of the depot along with all the depot data, work orders, and location of the depot.

The header section displays the Code, Belongs To, Address, Country, Location, Geofence, and the location map of the depot.

Depot Data - The Depot Data displays the list of all fields that are associated with the depot and defined under Masters -> Data Fields. The data can be updated and saved.

Work Orders - The work orders display the list of all work orders associated with this depot with their ID, carrier name, workflow, transport document, container/manifest number, size, weight and last event in the work order.

Geofence Triggers: This allows to trigger update on the movement of assets wherein when asset moves as per the set radius of the geofence for depot then the defined triggers on the geofence gets triggered. Window is displays as below to add trigger:

Trigger Type: Select the type from drop-down of how the geofence is to be triggered. Type can be Entry, Exist, or Overstay.

Time: Specify one or more codes where the time stamp will be set. This should be an Event or a Data field that holds a Date.

Depot Name: Specify one or more codes for Data fields where the Depot name will be set.

Trigger Source: Specify one or more codes for Data fields where the trigger source will be set (Asset or User name).

Notification Method: Specify the notification method to trigger geofence.

Notify Users: Select the users who get notified when geofence is triggered

And click on the 'Save' button. The list is displayed as follows:

Geofence Log: This displays the record when a person or device enters or exists a demarketed area or boundary.