Item Masters

Item Master displays the list of all item's names, code, and, other information. Go to Item Master, the following window will appear:

Select the item type and set desired filters then click on the Search button.

Adding new Item

Click on the 'Add Item' for adding new item. The following window will appear:

  1. Code: Enter the code for the item.

  2. Name: Enter the name of the item.

  3. Unit: Select unit from the drop-down list.

  4. Weight per Unit (kg): Enter the weight per unit of the item.

  5. Volume per Unit (m3): Enter the volume per unit of the item.

  6. HS Code: Enter Harmonized System code for the classification of items.

  7. GTIN: Enter 'Global Trade Item Number' to uniquely identify all of its trade items.

  8. Shelf Life: Enter the shelf life of the item in days.

  9. Low/High Level: Enter the level of stocks.

  10. Description: Enter the description of the item.

Click on the 'Create' button. Item will be displayed as below:

  1. In Stock : Shows the warehouse area.

  2. Item Data : Shows the data of the item.

  3. Work Orders : Shows the work orders that are linked to the item.

  4. Transaction History : Shows the transaction of the item.

Adjust Stock

Adjust Stock refers to add or remove stock from the existing one. Click on the 'Adjust Stock' and the page will display as shown below:

  1. Checkbox Transaction type as per requirement, Warehouse and Area will be selected automatically.

  2. Select Storage from the drop-down list.

  3. Enter Quantity and Remarks for the stock and click on the 'Add' button.

The stock will be added as shown below:

Move Stock

Move Stock refers to move stock from one warehouse to another warehouse. Click on 'Move Stock' and the page will display as shown below:

Select Warehouse, Area, and Storage from the drop-down as per requirement and click on 'Commit Move'.

Select Filters accordingly and check by selecting storage. The above-moved quantity will be shown to another storage's 'Stock' column.

Import Stock

Click on the 'Import' button, a pop-up window will open up with the following information:

Click on the 'Choose File' button to upload the MS-Excel format file with all the details and click on the Upload button.

Export Stock

Click on the 'Export' button, a file gets downloaded in MS-Excel format with the information displayed on the Item Master Page.

Stock Report

Click on 'Stock Report' to get a report for a particular month as per requirement. The window will be displayed as below:

  1. Select Warehouse from the drop-down menu.

  2. Select month/year as per requirement.

  3. Checkbox to exclude items with zero stock and no Transaction (if needed).

  4. Click on the 'Email' or 'Download' button to email or download the report as required.

The user who is generating the report will get it via email.