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Get Mandatory

The below API is used to get Mandatory Header Fields.

Request: GET

Signature: /api/mobile/GetMandatory?Token={Login_Token}&&WFCode={Workflow_Name/Code}&Code={Header_Code}

Sample: /GetMandatory?Token=VomYEMiECFFyAQ3==&WFCode=EXPORT&Code=CC


    "Code": 1,
    "Info": "",
    "RowsAffected": 0,
    "Scalar": true,
    "Identity": 0,
    "RetInfo": null

Things to know about this API:

  1. Token - You can use Login API to get token displayed under Info

  2. WFCode (You can enter either Workflow Code or Workflow Name)

  3. Below are the Header Fields and their Code:

  4.  Header Field  Code
    Contractual Customer  CC
    Shipper SR
    Receiver RC
    Carrier CR
    Bond Agent BA
    Clearing Agent CA
    Transporter  TR
    Return Transporter  RT
    Origin Depot  OD
    Destination Depot DD
    Country of Origin CY
    Final Destination FD
    Cargo Type CG
    Shipment Type ST
    Shipper Container SC
    Commodity CO
    Container Number CN
    Manifest LD
    Container Type CT
    Weight CW
    Volume VL
    Seal Number SN
    Vertical VE

  5. Scalar (It is a Boolean Field)