Forms & Comments

This section allows users to generate forms for the selected work order as follows:

Select the name of the form from the drop down list to open it for printing.

Click on the 'Generate' or 'Email' button to download or email this form. But before generate or email, this form gets converted to a PDF file. The reference number of the form, the user ID of the user downloading/emailing it, the work order number and local time and the date of creation of the form is inserted in the PDF.

The downloaded form gets attached as a document to the work order and appears under the Documents tab in the work order.
This section allows users to add comments for the shipment as follows: 

Click on 'Create' button and enter the comment text. Click on 'Post' button to post the comment to all the work orders in the shipment.

A comment can only be deleted within 1 hour of creation and only by the user who has created it.