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Add Asset

The below API is used to add an asset in Asset Management.

Request: POST 




Sample: /api/mobile/AddAsset?Token=VomYEMiECFFyAQ3==


"Category":"Class 1 - Heavy Trucks", 
"OwnerName":"Ailx Transporters Ltd.",
"Remarks":"Added on 20th Nov 2018" 


"Code": 1,
"Info": "Asset created successfully",
"RowsAffected": 1,
"Scalar": null,
"Identity": 001,
"RetInfo": null

Things to know about this API:
  1. Token - You can use Login API to get token displayed under Info

  2. Category - You can get the category using Get Asset Categories API

  3. These fields are mandatory while sending request body: 

    • Name 
    • Serial 
    • Category 

  4. BelongsTo You can use Get Entity Types API to get the list of entity types under Value

  5. OwnerName - You can use Get Entity List API to get the list of entities under EntName

  6. Responsible - You can use Get User List API to get the list of users under UserID

  7. Identity in Response is newly created AssetID.