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User Engagement Report

A User Engagement Report provides information about how users are updating TrakIT. The report can be generated using the following filter selection:

Select the office location of users and the date range. The date range can be added in the 'From' and 'To' boxes under Date Range filter. Alternately, for quick selection of dates, click on  icon. The following box pops up:

Select the desired time interval for which the report is to be generated. Select the Include Locked Users checkbox if the report should include locked users also. Click on the 'Generate Report' button. A sample report is given below:

The following columns are displayed:

User ID Gives the unique ID of the user.
Office Gives the office location of the user.
Full Name Gives the full name of the user.
Functions Lists all the functions allocated to the user.
WO Created Gives the number of work orders created by the user.
WO Updated Gives the number of work orders updated by the user.
Average Days Gives the number of average days that the user takes to update the event date (the period between the event time and the actual time the user take to update the event).
Events Updated Gives the number of event fields updated by the user.
Data Updated Gives the number of data fields updated by the user.
Total Duration Gives the total duration for which the user was logged into the application.

Click on on  icon to download the report in MS-Excel.