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The below API is used to get the users Login information.

Request: POST

Signature: /api/mobile/Login



Sample: http://xyz.trakit.in/api/mobile/Login




    "Code": 1,
    "Info": "VomYEMiECFFyAQ3==",
    "RowsAffected": 0,
    "Scalar": null,
    "Identity": 0,
    "RetInfo": "Billing Number;Shipments;Mobile Module;False;B/N"

Things to know about this API:

  1. These fields are mandatory while sending request body: 

    • UserID 
    • Pass 
    • DeviceType 
    • DeviceName 
    • DeviceID 
    • Zone 

  2. Info is displaying user's token.

  3. Zone is displaying user's zone in minutes. Like here Zone is 180 which means UTC+3.

  4. RetInfo result is explained below:

  5.  Billing Number  Name of the Transport Document [or alternative name thereof]
     Shipments  Name of what shipment is called [or alternative name thereof]
     Mobile Module   Mobile Module which are hidden from the mobile app
     False  Displays False in case of Internal User and True in case of External User
     B/N  Short name of the Transport Document [or alternative name thereof]