Work Order Location

A sample work order header is given below:

Populate the event field with appropriate time and date or select from Now, Clear, TBA or NA. Select Now if the event has occured now. This will populate the event field with current date and time. Selecting Clear will simply clear the field. Select TBA if the time and date of the event is not known yet. Select NA for an event if it is not applicable for this work order.

Skipping events or leaving them blank is not allowed in TrakIT. Doing so produces the Out of Sequence error while populating event fields. This means that one or more events before the event being populated are missing. These missing events can be filled with NA or TBA to avoid this error. For events where Apply to T/D or Apply to S/I is selected, this error may come despite all previous events being filled. This is because the missing event check is also being applied to all work orders in the shipment. De-select the Apply to T/D or Apply to S/I checkbox for this event and then populate the event field.
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Follow the below steps to enable Location Tracking

  1. Specify the Tracking Start and End events in the corridor setup

    Edit the corridor header under Corridor Definition and enter START Event and End Event for the location tracking. Events format should be STARTEVENT-ENDEVENT. Below image for reference:

  2. Create User profile for Truck Driver and enable location tracking on their profiles

    To create an external user profile, go to User Management select 'External User' from the drop down. Click on 'Create' button. Following dialog box pops up:

    • Enter the unique UserID for the user
    • Enter the First/Last Name, Email and Mobile number
    • Select 'Transporter' from the role drop down
    • Enable 'Mobile Location' check box, if you wish to enable the location tracking for this user
    • Click on 'Create' button

  3. Install TrakIT mobile app on the external user's Android phone

    The app is available at the Google Play Store. Click the link below to install TrakIT Mobile. 

  4. Link relevant work orders to the drivers

    The app is available at the Google Play Store. Click the link below to install TrakIT Mobile.