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Editing a Work Order Header

Click on  icon to edit the header of the work order. The following dialog box is displayed:

In this dialog box, certain fields here have Apply to T/D option. Select this checkbox if the changes made in a particular field of this work order are to be applied to all work orders in the shipment. Click on All None to deselect all check boxes.

Editing a work order header gives the following options to the users:

Shipment Information

Contractual Customer, Shipper, Receiver, Shipment Type and Cargo Type are by default applied to all T/D.Changes can be made to other fields under Shipment Information as applicable.
Container/Load Details
  1. Container Number and Manifest do not have the Apply to T/D option, as they are work order specific.
  2. The type of the container can be changed by selecting the appropriate Container Type from the Find option.
  3. Weight, Volume and Seal Number can be changed by providing appropriate values in the text boxes.
  4. Select Door Delivery, Hazardous Goods and Custom Escort as applicable.
  5. Select Shipper Container checkbox if this container belongs to the consignee or shipper, instead of belonging to the carrier. If this field is selected, then free days will not apply.
  6. By default, the Priority of the work order is set to normal when it is created. This priority can be set to a higher of lower level as desired while editing the work order header and selecting the appropriate priority from the Priority drop down list. Work order priority can be included in export of work orders or custom/advanced reports. When viewing the operations page in 'Shipment' mode or exporting consolidated reports, the priority shown for a shipment is the highest of any of its work orders.

Select Apply to T/D as applicable. When changing the T/D number on a single work order, the Apply to T/D checkbox must be de-selected for all items and not just the T/D field. This is because the T/D field itself is used to determine which work orders belong to the shipment.


The country code and name of Bond Agent and Clearing Agent can be provided/changed in this section.


The country code and name of Transporter and Return Transporter can be provided/changed in this section.

Make the desired changes to the work order header and click on the 'Save' button. All information is validated and, if correct, updated in the database.