The Offices table displays the list of all the countries in which the office using TrakIT is located, along with the number of users in each location. Offices s can be viewed by selecting specific filters from the filter panel as shown below:

Code/Name: Enter the code or name office.

Country: Select the respective country to which office is belong to and click on the search button. Window will appear as below,

Add New Office

Office Name: Enter the unique code for the office.

Code: Enter the unique name for the office.

Country: Select the country to which this office belongs.

Time Zone: Select the default time zone for this office.

Invoice Settings

Invoice Prefix: Select the invoice prefix to be used for this office.

Invoice Serial Size: Select how many digits are to be used for the invoice serial number.

Credit Note Prefix: Select the credit note prefix to be used for this office.

Period Prefix Format: Select the invoice period prefix format.

Invoice Line Item Display: Select what each line item in the invoice should display.

Invoice Rounding: Select how the invoice total should be rounded.

Hide Rate/Quantity on Invoice: Specify the default setting for whether Rate and Quantity columns should be hidden on invoices.

Show Invoice Line Total: Specify whether the Total for each line item is displayed in the invoice when taxes are present.