Finance Masters

The Finance Masters page is divided into Accounts, Country Taxes, Currencies and Account Group.


Accounts display the list of all accounts used in TrakIT. It also displays whether these accounts are currently active or not.

Adding New Accounts -

Click on any Transaction Type as Income, Expense or Disbursement. Select the action as 'Create Sub - Account'.

Select Account Type and provide the Account name and Account Code for the Account.

Enter Custom Code if any existing code is getting used against multiple accounts.

Modifying Accounts / Moving / Deleting / Adding Data Links -

Click on any Account and select the Action.

Country Taxes

Select the country from the drop down and all the taxes will be displayed as below:

Click on Add Tax button and Select Tax from the drop down list.

elect the date from the calendar in Applies From and enter the Rate(%) and click on Add button.

Click on the icon to remove the country tax from the system.Only a sysadmin can delete the country tax entry from the system.


Click on Add Currency and enter the Currency Code and Currency Name and click on Add button.

Click on the icon to remove the currency from the system.

Account Groups

An account group refers to the group of accounts.

Adding new group

Click on create button. The page will display as below:

Group Name: Enter the name of group.

For Company: It can be for all Companies or any specific.

Group Remarks: Enter the group remarks.

Click on create button.

Delete Group

Any specific group can be deleted by clicking on the below icon: