The footer of the main application pages provides the following links:

User Log

The User Log provides a history of TrakIT sessions for all users. The log displays the User ID, Name of the user, Session Start time, Browser used, the IP address of the user, Last Access time and the total Duration of the session.

User Stats

This section provides various statistics on the usage of TrakIT for a selected time interval. This section has four tabs:

  • User Volume- This shows the accumulated number of unique users who have logged into the application at least once.
  • Login Load- This trend graph shows the weekly total number of logins as well as distinct users.
  • Login Frequency- This bar graph shows the frequency of logins to the applicationĀ for the selected time interval.
  • Browser Breakup- This bar graph shows the total number of logins from various browsers and their versions for the selected time period.

DB Usage

Click on 'DB Usage' to see the statistics about the TrakIT database usage. This section displays the Table Description, number of Rows, Data Size, Index Size, Un-Used (row-space in the database) and Total Size of the database tables. All sizes are in kilobytes.

Change Log

Click on 'Change Log' to keep track of various updates and modifications made in the application in every release.


This section provides all the legal terms and conditions as well as other information about the application.